Volkswagen Encontro Nacional Clube Ar

May 21, 2012

Or do VW 20th AR aniversário Clube de Portugal Guimarães vai be assinalado em um com to find us Realização of days 26 and 27 de maio.

Or Multipurpose local Guimarães will either find, uma being provided to or visit Historic Downtown Guimarães e uma deslocação à Penha.

VW Ar O Clube de Portugal é uma sem fins lucrative national associação, based com em Viana do Castelo, Owners and supporters adding two Veículos da ar refrigerated Volkswagen, seus sendo assistência objectives na provide manutenção, exibição and restoration of all refrigerated Volkswagen Veículos you ar, organize and promote coexistence and exchange of information among members and excursions, sporting events, exhibitions, among other activities.


Saturday (26 de maio)

14h30 – 15h30: Reception in Multipurpose Guimarães

16h00: Visit the Alberto Sampaio Museum

17h00: Promenade in the Historic Centre of Guimarães

18h30: Dinner at the Multipurpose Guimarães

21h30: Cultural animation

Sunday (27 de maio)

08h30 – 09h30: Reception in Multipurpose Guimarães

09h30: Departure by tourist caravan toward Penha

10h00: Celebration of 20 years of the VW Club AR Clube de Portugal (deposition wreath next to the image of St. Christopher, presentation of diplomas to those associated with more than 10 years of membership and memories alluding to the birthday club)

12h45: Departure towards the Multipurpose Guimarães

13h30: Lunch

15h00: Closure

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